About Us

Welcome to the Steroidstobuyonline.com, the worlds largest online steroid and med store – here you will find all you need for your steroid cycles, sexual health aids and also your painkillers and sleepers – we have four bases spread across the country and my 25 plus years joined by my staff members 40 plus years taking, selling and making steroids means you will get the very best steroids, advice, service and aftercare!

We have an unrivalled experience in the steroid world as well as having direct access to genuine UK pharma grade painkillers, sleeping tablets and ancillaries. We truly have got every area covered, meaning you will have no need to even think about looking elsewhere to fill your cycle.

Here we treat all customers the same, so those placing their first ‘feeler’ order for £30 or those who spend £1,000 plus a month will get the same level of service. With us you can buy with real confidence…knowing you will get what you have paid for! If you treat us with respect, we will gladly do the same but please remember we are not here for you to swear at, threaten or generally speak to like something you have just trodden in. If you have got a problem with anything then please tell us so we can correct it…the better you explain the situation, the quicker I can sort it.

Our Quality Checks
We ALWAYS have any new brands lab tested to ensure they are going to match the top quality products we sell. Any steroids found to be under dosed or to differ from the label, will be immediately removed from the site. You will never be disappointed when using the steroids we sell.

Meet the Staff
Owner – Jimmy C
Manager/Second in charge – Trevor
Staff members – Sharon, Kevin, Steven