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British Pharma grade Diazepam and Zopiclone at crazy low prices! We aim to have a large stock of these products for very swift dispatch.

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New Products For January - Diazepam & Zopiclone

Diazepam 10mg Gen X Pharma
Diazepam 10mg Gen X
Diazepam 10mg from Gen X Pharma is an oral tablets which are...
Zopiclone 7.5mg - Pharma
Zopiclone 7.5mg - Ph
28 x 7.5mg tablets Generic Name: Zimovane Manufacturer: UK...
Diazepam 5mg Gen X Pharma
Diazepam 5mg Gen X P
Buy Generic Diazepam 5mg x 100 tablets (in a bag) Diazepa...
Xanax 1mg Gen X Pharma
Xanax 1mg Gen X Phar
Xanax 1mg tablet from Gen X Pharma is a prescription oral dr...

Diazepam 10mg - Pharma
Diazepam 10mg - Phar
28 x 10mg tablets Generic Name: Daz Manufacturer: UK Pharm...
Diazepam Bensedin
Diazepam Bensedin
30 x 10mg tablets...
30 x 1mg tablets galenika brand...
Zolpidem 10mg - Pharma
Zolpidem 10mg - Phar
28 x 10mg UK pharma grade tablets...
£40.00 £30.00